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Manufacturing & Logistics

Integrate all data sources to optimize processes, reduce supply chain risks and improve demand forecasting.

Modernize your business by connecting your legacy systems and applications to the Internet of Things and other emerging technology

Boost productivity


Connect internal systems and applications to the Internet of Things to improve operational efficiencies.

Streamline processes

Enable real-time visibility of all data to find bottlenecks, and monitor and control processes more effectively.

Improve forecasting


Correlate inventory, supply chain and production data to identify patterns and improve demand forecasting.

Results for Our Customers

"Neuron ESB enables sophisticated performance, features and function, along with personal communication and support. It's a very worthwhile relationship, improving current systems and poising us for future performance."

- Kim Frederiksen, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Kamstrup

"As a global company with a diverse customer base, we recognize the need to embrace new and more productive technologies to keep our competitive edge. Neuron ESB positions us to meet this challenge - modernizing existing systems with real-time processing capabilities and extending services with greater access to cloud applications."

- Bryan Meier, Development Manager, Oldcastle Precast

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The Integration Journey to Digital Transformation with Peregrine Connect

The Integration Journey to Digital Transformation with Peregrine Connect

Case Studies

Elektro Gorenjska

Peregrine Connect Eliminates Over 30% of Point-to-Point Integrations and reduces development time by 90%

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