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Some of the Companies that use Peregrine

Simplify business connectivity with Peregrine

Connect your business

Connect internal and external systems and devices in real time to get an unparalleled view of your business.

Extend legacy systems

Neuron ESB connectors make it easy to connect your on-premise and legacy systems with new LOB applications.

Optimize resources

Reduce the cost of integrating your business by leveraging your in-house .NET developers and other internal resources.

Built by .NET Developers for .NET Developers

Discover a better approach to enterprise integration and modernization. Peregrine is an easy-to-use yet powerful enterprise service bus (ESB) that simplifies messaging and Web service enablement to accelerate the adoption of service-oriented architecture.


"Instead of wasting time trying to figure out how a system interface works,
we just hook it up to Peregrine and BOOM, it's done."

— Mark T. Naples, Senior IT director, Le Duff America