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Case Study

Samskip Multimodal

Moving cargo more efficiently by land, sea and air to customers worldwide

“Samskip’s quest for deep integration has led us to abandon our legacy systems and embrace Neuron ESB. We now have a robust and easy-to-use enterprise service bus that offers high availability, scalability and performance.”

— Ron van Gessel, Manager System Development, Samskip Multimodal

Real-time information enables more green, sustainable and cost-effective transportation

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The Challenge

  • Modernize operations to improve delivery to customers worldwide
  • Unlock functions and services caught in more than 20 LOB systems and apps
  • Move from a single-tier IT environment to a service-oriented architecture

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The Solution

Peregrine Connect’s Neuron ESB, an easy-to-use enterprise service bus that integrates with Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms, systems, and applications to provide real-time, reliable and durable messaging, business processing, workflow, and web services management.

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The Benefits

  • Provides better management of systems, software, and business processes
  • Delivers real-time knowledge and insight to enhance customer service
  • Integrates disparate systems and applications to improve operations
  • Supports modernization by enabling the company to adopt an SOA approach
  • Leverages company’s existing .NET developers to accelerate project deployment

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Company Profile

Based In:
The Netherlands
Manufacturing & Logistics
Privately Held