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Case Study

Roland DGA Corporation

Neuron ESB automates Roland’s tracking system to integrate disparate data to simplify service order management

“Neuron ESB’s flexibility gives us the means to accomplish asynchronous integration of multiple systems required by our business processes. Enhancing Neuron ESB’s feature set also makes our investment in the technology a sound decision.”

— Bob Castle, CIO, Roland DGA Corporation

Automated tracking system integrates disparate data to simplify service order management

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The Challenge

Roland DGA needed to integrate vast amounts of information from disparate systems across the organization and its dealer network into a common platform, so it could more efficiently track end users and their products, manage warranties and replacement parts, and support a diverse network of distributors and dealers.

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The Solution

Neuron ESB, a .NET-based enterprise service bus, was used to integrate SharePoint Forms services with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 and Dynamics Great Plains 9.0, allowing Roland’s dealers to enter service order requests in forms services on a public-facing MOSS portal. Requests are then sent through Neuron ESB to be processed in CRM and GP. Neuron ESB serves as the messaging architecture that keeps all systems synchronized.

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The Benefits

  • All historical claims information is available in real-time on the same system
  • Service parts history is now managed electronically, allowing for easy analysis of repair rates and costs
  • Parts shipments are now tracked to avoid part shortages
  • Roland can now calculate repair costs accurately and further analyze the costs of extended maintenance contracts

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