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Case Study

Buffini & Company

Buffini & Company fully integrated CRM system boosts internal efficiency while slashing deployment costs by 50% with Neuron ESB’s Integration

“Without these systems, we would not have realized the internal efficiencies that we have seen. We anticipate saving between $250,000 and $500,000 in the first year of utilizing the full CRM/Neuron ESB solution. We expect those savings to come both from increased productivity and from tools that increase the effectiveness of our sales force.”

— Jim Polzin, CFO, Buffini & Company

Fully integrated CRM system boosts internal efficiency while slashing deployment costs by 50%

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The Challenge

  • Existing business systems hindered the ability to keep up with changing market demands
  • The company needed a way to integrate disparate operational systems

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The Solution

  • Implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a custom e-commerce solution
  • Ensured all systems are integrated in real-time
  • Saved at least 50% over other solutions by deploying Peregrine Connect Neuron ESB
  • The incremental rollout of Peregrine Connect’s Neuron ESB provided further savings

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The Benefits

  • Adds stability and maintainability on one consolidated framework
  • Scalability has been applied across the organization
  • Eliminates custom code with Peregrine Connect Neuron ESB connectors for Microsoft CRM and GP
  • Anticipated first-year savings up to $500,000 utilizing the full CRM solution
  • Ability to track and close opportunities with automated efficiencies
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry through seamless integration
  • Reduces manual workload by streamlining order entry process over the web

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Company Profile

Based In:
Carlsbad, CA
Real Estate
Privately Held