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The Challenge

  • Existing business systems hindered the ability to keep up with changing market demands
  • The company needed a way to integrate disparate operational systems

The Solution

  • Implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a custom e-commerce solution
  • Ensured all systems are integrated in real-time
  • Saved at least 50% over other solutions by deploying Peregrine Connect Neuron ESB
  • The incremental rollout of Peregrine Connect’s Neuron ESB provided further savings

The Benefits

  • Adds stability and maintainability on one consolidated framework
  • Scalability has been applied across the organization
  • Eliminates custom code with Peregrine Connect Neuron ESB connectors for Microsoft CRM and GP
  • Anticipated first-year savings up to $500,000 utilizing the full CRM solution
  • Ability to track and close opportunities with automated efficiencies
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry through seamless integration
  • Reduces manual workload by streamlining order entry process over the web
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Company Profile

Based In: Carlsbad, CA
Industry: Other
Type: Privately Held
Employees: 51-200
Founded: 1995

“Without these systems, we would not have realized the internal efficiencies that we have seen. We anticipate saving between $250,000 and $500,000 in the first year of utilizing the full CRM/Neuron ESB solution.”

— Jim Polzin, CFO, Buffini & Company


Buffini & Company
Fully-integrated CRM system saves at least 50% over other solutions

Founded by industry expert Brian Buffini, and headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Buffini & Company is the largest real estate business coaching and training company in North America, providing real estate, lending and service industry professionals with lead generation systems and business building tools to help them increase productivity and revenue.

Real estate professionals are looking for a competitive, marketing advantage in this tough economy; and therefore, Buffini & Company’s business is flourishing. However, Buffini’s antiquated CRM and disconnect custom solutions were hindering their ability to keep up with the demand of the changing market conditions.

To capitalize on this growing demand, Buffini enlisted Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Neudesic to help implement Dynamics CRM and a custom e-commerce solution.

Neudesic identified Buffini’s need to have real-time CRM integration between many disparate operational systems, including Great Plains, ERP, and custom e-commerce and membership systems. As a future initiative, Buffini wanted to start moving towards SOA architecture, but they had been consumed with day-to-day operational concerns.

Believing its team was too small and lean to make use of this latest IT architecture, Buffini soon learned that building a custom integration between systems to share pertinent data would cost at least 50% more than buying and implementing Peregrine Connect’s Neuron ESB. And by implementing Neuron ESB in small proportions, Buffini could move towards SOA architecture and still save overall costs with their current integration projects.

“We had experienced huge growth and fallen into the pattern of adding people to keep up with the growth,” says Jim Polzin, Chief Financial Officer of Buffini & Company. “Real estate in southern California is extremely expensive, and we didn’t want to build another building. We wanted to quit throwing people at the problem and work smarter.” Polzin wanted to give his team the right tools to work more efficiently, with more automation.

Peregrine Connect quickly fell into Buffini’s vision and budget because with Neuron ESB’s pre-built Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Great Plains adapters, the information could easily get transferred off or onto the bus and allow updated account information to flow smoothly throughout all of their systems.

Peregrine Connect has added stability and maintainability on one consolidated framework, while also providing scalability that could be applied across the organization as needed. Moreover, Peregrine’s Neuron ESB has pre-built Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Great Plains adapters with point-and-click publication, so Buffini can easily determine what data gets published to the bus and register specific events based on particular conditions. With the subscription adapter, information that is tracked in multiple systems, such as addresses, can be evaluated as the most recent from one of the systems, including CRM, and updated throughout, giving Buffini sales teams real-time, automated data at their fingertips.

Under a strict timeline and budget to get multiple systems implemented and integrated, Buffini is already noticing the results. “Without these systems, we would not have realized the internal efficiencies that we have seen,” Polzin says. “We anticipate saving between $250,000 and $500,000 in the first year of utilizing the full CRM/Neuron ESB solution. We expect those savings to come both from increased productivity and from tools that increase the effectiveness of our sales force. Since e-commerce went live in July 2008, we have received $1.7 million of revenue from that source, putting us on pace for $3 million in the first full year.”

Today, the Buffini sales team can track and close opportunities through their systems with automated efficiencies; the seamless integration eliminates duplicate data entry, and the streamlined order entry process over the web reduces the manual workload and broadens the company’s reach. Buffini can continue to focus on business drivers and process improvements without major system rewrites and hard-coded integration points.

Peregrine Connect provided Buffini & Company a quick, cost-effective, alternative solution in lieu of point-to-point integration for their CRM, e-commerce and other ancillary systems. Moving Buffini & Company into the SOA realm without overburdening their resources, Peregrine Connect saved Buffini & Company over 50% on their overall integration project costs.