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Case Study


Neuron ESB provides APQC integration visibility from their website to back-end systems to track customer metrics across business units to enhance their online customer experience

“When we began this project, we expected it to take over six months. Neuron ESB has enabled us to complete it in less than half that time and with two fewer developers than we had originally planned, saving our company hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

— Scott Sorensen, Enterprise Software Architect, APQC

Integrated website tracks visitor activity across business units to enhance customer experiences

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The Challenge

APQC relied on homegrown applications to support web services and collect customer information from its website, but that system had become outdated. They needed a better way to connect back-end business systems with the company website and give its business units a view into customer activity.

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The Solution

Neuron ESB is an enterprise service bus designed to simplify messaging and service enablement for business and web services integration efforts. Neuron ESB provides a topic-based publish and subscribe model, complex message processing, and powerful web services and REST support — everything APQC needed to get their website redesign project off the ground.

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The Benefits

  • All APQC business units now have the ability to track customer metrics
  • Event-based integration with Microsoft SharePoint
  • Provides detailed insight into website visitor activities
  • Enables seamless integration with CRM
  • Creates a rich, custom experience for website visitors
  • 100% REST to SOAP translation

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