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In November of 2014 we released Neuron ESB 3.5 into the wild! Since then, we’ve released 2 Cumulative Updates and a QFE patch. Here we are in July 2015, our business growing and many new customers leveraging the powerful new workflow features introduced in Neuron ESB 3.5. Cumulative Update 3 is the culmination of all the customer feedback we’ve received since the original release of Neuron ESB 3.5. In addition to customer feedback, we use these vehicles as an opportunity to deliver NET NEW capabilities to the community, enabling the development of more complex, yet easy to manage solutions on the Neuron ESB platform.If you’re using Neuron ESB 3.5 today, you should download the Cumulative Update 3 patch to update your existing installation. Current customers can obtain either the Patch or the full installation from the Neuron ESB Support Site. If you are new to Neuron ESB, you can download the full installation from the Neuron ESB Web site. All the details of this release can be found in the Knowledge base Article KB351-0715151.

Customers will find many critical fixes in this update as well as a host of new features and enhancements, most significant of which is an SAP Connector and an Connector Wizard for generating XML based Schemas and sample messages. Many more capabilities are included is this update, some of which include…

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  • SAP Connector
  • TCP Socket Broker Connector
  • REDIS Connector
  • Microsoft SQL Service Broker Connector
  • Salesforce Multiple Version Support
  • NetSuite Multiple Version Support
  • Connector Schema/Message Generation Wizard
  • Business Process Extensibility Enhancements
  • New Workflow Activities
  • New Monitoring Capabilities
  • New Service Broker Capabilities
  • Microsoft SQL Azure Enhancements
  • 100+ Critical Fixes

About the Author

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Marty Wasznicky


Marty has almost 30 years of experience in the software development industry. He joined Peregrine Connect after six years as a Regional Program Manager in the Connected Systems Division at Microsoft. His responsibilities there included building out Microsoft’s BizTalk Server product integration business, managing a team of SOA/ESB/BPM field specialists and building strategic partner alliances. Marty created the Microsoft Virtual Technical Specialist program and owned the development of Microsoft’s Enterprise Service Bus Toolkit.