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Neuron ESB for Designers

From service orchestration to long-running, fault-tolerant workflows, Neuron ESB’s highly extensive Business Process and Workflow Designers give you full access to the entire .NET Framework.

Neuron ESB’s designers expose all the power of Microsoft Visual Studio without the associated complexity, enabling you to compose sets of activities into innovative business capabilities. And both designers are hosted in the Neuron ESB Explorer, so anyone can build, test, debug and deploy business processes and workflows faster.

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Real-time business processing

Create agile, high-performing real-time business processes quickly and easily with Neuron ESB's user-friendly Business Process Designer. Its graphical interface includes more than 40 different business activities to significantly accelerate the development and deployment of low latency solutions, like request/response messaging and simple VETO processing, as well as more complex scatter-gather and service orchestration patterns.

Long-running, fault-tolerant workflows

Build enterprise compliant workflows where business resiliency, visual tracking, fault tolerance and highly available business processes are required. Neuron ESB Workflow Designer is capable of composing workflows to automate critical processes that may span hours, days, weeks or months, and cross inter- or intra-company domains.

Its user-friendly interface and more than 80 different workflow activities extend Microsoft's .NET 4.5 Workflow Foundation API by adding tools, infrastructure, a hosting environment, and services necessary to deliver enterprise-level performance and scalability.

Test and debug while you design

No need to compile and deploy business processes and workflows for testing. Neuron ESB Business Process and Workflow Designers support in-place testing, simulation and debugging, so you can run test messages through processes and workflows directly in the designer.

Neuron ESB's built-in .NET debugger means you can set breakpoints and enable easy step-by-step debugging through both activities and custom programming code. And because Neuron ESB compiles business processes and workflows at time of execution, you'll save considerable development time compared to other integration products.

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Comprehensive workflow tracking

Advanced tracking and playback features enable you to group, sort, filter, search and analyze all information related to workflow execution. Or explore conditions and view exception messages for workflow errors. You can also collect and report execution history, observe current executing status, or play back executed workflows, viewing both input arguments and output values for each activity.

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