Our group has been sorely remiss about posting to our Product Team Blog. We have so much to catch up on, including our previous release of 3.1 and all the exciting enhancements it contained. We’ve been heads down though for almost a year now building out our fault tolerant, long running Workflow feature set. I’m happy to say…we did it!  Expect a lot more posts in the future from our team! I’m re-posting the Press Release that announces the new capabilities. You can find the link to it here:

ORLANDO, Fla.Oct. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2014, Booth #134 — Neuron ESB today announced availability of Neuron ESB 3.5, extending the company’s lead in integration and SOA middleware built on the Microsoft platform. Neuron ESB 3.5 is the latest version of the company’s Enterprise Service Bus and now provides fault-tolerant, long-running workflow and orchestration capabilities for the Microsoft .NET 4 framework.

Neuron ESB’s focus on agility, ease of use and operational efficiency enables clients to reduce total cost of ownership while eliminating many of the development, deployment and operational complexities experienced with many competitive products. Neuron ESB 3.5 adds a host of improvements including enhanced real-time business processing capabilities and new connectivity options such as event-based publication from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2013, and enriched support for Salesforce.com and NetSuite.

“With each release of Neuron ESB, we are continually focused on providing user-friendly features and productivity out of the box. Neuron 3.5 is no exception, adding long-running workflow and orchestration capabilities that clearly beat competitive offerings,” said Marty Wasznicky, general manager, Neuron ESB. “With more than 70 native workflow activities, Neuron ESB 3.5 offers significantly greater value than ‘orchestrating’ custom code, as is the case with some other ESB products.”

Previous versions of Neuron ESB offered business process capabilities through a graphical, user-friendly design and runtime environment. They also targeted real-time requirements where performance, agility and time to market were driving factors. By adding workflow and orchestration, Neuron ESB 3.5 expands these capabilities to address resiliency, tracking and fault tolerance as primary business drivers.

“We selected Neuron ESB 3.5 as the platform on which to build out our business transformation initiatives. Neuron ESB has the capabilities and performance we needed to meet a number of our workflow and orchestration challenges. We can’t get that from Microsoft BizTalk Server’s orchestration engine,” said Mitch Bledsoe, vice president, Information Technology, Assurant Specialty Property. “With Neuron ESB 3.5, our developers can quickly build out business orchestrations and workflows, allowing us to accelerate our initiatives and change the way we deliver our services to our clients. In Neuron ESB’s native .NET environment, we can easily extend Neuron ESB’s designers, adding custom activities or using the built-in language editors to write C#, VB.NET or JavaScript. Neuron ESB provided the agile environment our developers required to quickly deliver the value we were looking for.”

In addition to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Neuron ESB 3.5 supports WS-Discovery and REST as standard management interfaces. Neuron ESB continues to support a highly-distributed messaging and processing model which can be hosted by third-party Microsoft .NET applications. Neuron ESB 3.5 allows discovery of these remotely-hosted endpoints, as well as Neuron’s own internally-hosted and publicly-hosted service endpoints using WS-Discovery.

Neuron ESB 3.5 is available now; for more information, visit www.neuronesb.com.

Original Press Release, visit Neuron ESB 3.5 Press Release.