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Peregrine Connect integration platform has been selected by Elektro Gorenjska to integrate their existing applications and platforms to reduce development & deployment costs. Elektro Gorenjska is a Slovenian electricity distribution company that specializes in investments (reconstructions, expansions), to increase the robustness of the electricity network within the Gorenjska region.

Elektro Gorenjska realized the need to scale its existing integration platform to handle the intricate demands of its growing operations. They wanted to expedite their system integration to increase productivity for their organization to expand on their digital transformation efforts. The strategic decision to transition from their previous integration processes to Peregrine Connect was driven by Peregrine’s ultimate low code integration platform.

Since implementing Peregrine Connect, Elektro Gorenjska has reduced development time by an impressive 90% enabling Elektro Gorenjska to effectively integrate systems within a single day. Neuron ESB facilitates the integration and complex data workflows for Elektro Gorenjska’s many business processes, providing real-time system access. Furthermore, the company was able to leverage its existing Microsoft .NET resources without switching to a JAVA-based technology platform.

Elektro Gorenjska successfully achieved its goal of ingesting meter point data and transformed it into three integration workflows: CIM, service layer, and project management. The organization was then able to feed these workflows into their GIS, field management, ERP, smart meter head end system, billing, call center, Jira, and internal project management systems. These advancements significantly improved operations and customer service, enabling the company to comply with environmentally conscious regulations within their country.

In Elektro Gorenjska’s COTS evaluation, Peregrine Connect outperformed leading vendors, such as Mulesoft, Apache Kafka, Microsoft BizTalk, and Talend, by proving to be the most user-friendly and cost-effective integration platform.

“Reduced the time to integrate new systems by 90%. Integration work that normally took two weeks to complete is now completed in less than one day using Peregrine Connect.”

– Blaz Hafnar, the Head of Services for Information Solutions at Elektro Gorenjska

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 About Elektro Gorenjska d.d.

Elektro Gorenjska, d. d., is a Slovenian electricity distribution company in the Gorenjska region. Elektro Gorenjska, has spent the last 60 years perfecting its method of properly upgrading and maintaining the electricity network for its customers. With a customer base of over 92.000 end-users, Elektro Gorenjska d.d. plays a critical role in providing reliable and efficient electric power services in Slovenia.To learn more, visit

About Peregrine Connect

Peregrine Connect is one of the leading integration platforms that enables businesses to simplify the design, deployment, hosting, management of applications, APIs, and workflows. The platform secures the most critical integrations and business processes with actionable visibility, pinpoint diagnostics, alerting, and unified control across your entire organization. Peregrine Connect enables your Microsoft .NET resources to be reused and extended to further simplify the integration of applications and the automation of critical business functions.

The Peregrine Connect product portfolio encompasses Neuron ESB, Management Suite, Design Studio, and NetSuite PSA Add-In for Microsoft Project. Peregrine Connect offers an innovative set of connectors for popular enterprise applications. It provides robust data, services, and application integration features, including Business Process and Workflow capabilities. It offers a simple yet flexible UI to design & execute integrations for organizations of all sizes. Customers benefit from a superior development experience, better performance, reduced complexity, and immediate time-to-value. Peregrine Connect customers deploy projects in a matter of weeks rather than months with clients around the globe in a variety of industries. To learn more, visit


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