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Case Study


Neuron ESB modernizes legacy systems to handle rapid growth and global expansion with industry leading integration

“Neuron ESB enables sophisticated performance, features and function, along with personal communication and support. It’s a very worthwhile relationship, improving current systems and poising us for future performance.”

— Kim Frederiksen, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Kamstrup

Simplified data integrations accelerate development of intelligent energy and water metering solutions

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The Challenge

  • Eliminate point-to-point connected systems that developed organically rather than strategically in step with company growth
  • Reduce risk associated with legacy software slated for decommissioning over the next three to eight years
  • Define a smart, cohesive structure to enable a fast, modern approach to development and expansion

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The Solution

  • Peregrine Connect’s Neuron ESB, an intuitive .NET-based development platform eliminating the need for point-to-point architecture
  • Reduce and simplify the number of integration techniques required for enterprise applications
  • Increase ease of development and facilitate reuse of data and functionality between applications

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The Benefits

  • Efficient and competent partnership with Peregrine Connect
  • Demonstrated value between cost, performance, and access to expertise and support
  • Collaborative and responsive environment fuels fast and easy development
  • Flexible, agile development processes drive the company-wide vision for growth and market leadership
  • Smooth transition from Proof of Concept to multiple deployments worldwide, including evolving projects such as new products and energy factories

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