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Peregrine Salesforce's Connector enables fast and
easy access to all your Salesforce data is a cloud-based suite of applications that helps companies gain a better understanding of their
customers to build more meaningful and lasting relationships.

Accessing valuable Salesforce data through SAP, NetSuite and other third party and homegrown applications can be difficult.
Unless you have seamless integration provided by Peregrine’s Salesforce Connector.


Connect systems easier

Peregrine seamlessly integrates Salesforce data to
eliminate manual entry and ensure the accuracy
of your customer information.


Capture insights faster

Give sales, marketing and external partners real-time
access to all customer data by connecting Salesforce
to all your existing systems and applications.


Close deals sooner

Accelerate time-to-market of your company products
and campaigns by making strategic business information
available to marketing and sales in real time.


What’s the fastest, easiest way to connect SAP to my third party systems and applications?


Peregrine’s SAP Connector supports any integration scenario SAP can throw at it

  • Fast and easy integration to your .NET infrastructure
  • Automatic message query and schema generation
  • Streamlined services discovery and orchestration


How can I get siloed data out of Salesforce and into my other business systems and apps?


Peregrine’s Salesforce Connector eliminates barriers to valuable customer information

Peregrine is an easy-to-use enterprise service bus that simplifies messaging, workflow, system integration and Web service enablement, allowing you to quickly integrate disparate applications and speed delivery and adoption of new capabilities and features.

Advantages of Peregrine's Salesforce Connector

  • Easy to use – doesn’t require extensive knowledge of the Salesforce platform
  • Accelerates production – deploy projects in days or weeks, not months
  • Provides security – supports security models such as OAuth, token, SSO...

Bi-directional integration with

  • Subscribe mode: messages are sent from Peregrine to Salesforce (Create, Upsert, Delete or query a Customer or Account)
  • Publish mode: events are received via Outbound Messaging (Created or updated Salesforce objects are sent to Peregrine)

REST/SOAP integration

  • Salesforce Apex Callouts call Peregrine Client Connectors
  • Peregrine Service Connectors send calls to Apex Web Services

Metadata Generation Wizard

  • Automatically generate schemas that can be used to create or validate messages exchanged with Salesforce
  • Optionally generate sample XML files
  • Browse for and select Salesforce sObjects and operations you want to perform, all with support for custom objects and fields

“With no formal training, our own .NET development staff became proficient
with Peregrine in a very short period of time. This significantly eased
adoption, and reduced time and cost to deliver HD services.”

— Alan Wintroub, Director of Software Engineering, Associated Press

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