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Peregrine Connect introduces actionable visibility, pin-point diagnostics and unified control across your entire set of integration environments, all from a single web-based portal.

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Best management experience for .NET


Designed so everyone on your team can use it


Simpler, less expensive operations

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Reactive monitoring is costing you time and money

Now you can proactively monitor every resource at a glance

  1. Personalized Dashboard
    Gain quick, personalized access to the data and controls you need to get the job done.
  2. Customized Alerting
    Rather than reacting to issues, you can take steps to avoid them.
  3. Built in Security
    Replace the need for 3rd-party security components.

Integration design is typically reserved for experts

You can connect resources at any skill level

  1. Management Suite Integration
    Monitor existing environments in minutes.

  2. Secure out of the Box
    Set up your environment, administration settings, password policies, roles, and users.
  3. Business Process and Workflow Design
    Unify design elements and simplify end-to-end testing and support.

No ESB is built specifically for .NET

You can deploy fast, scale quickly with existing .NET skills

Neuron ESB enables you to leverage your existing .NET resources to quickly and easily connect your line-of-business systems and applications in the cloud or on premises in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost.

Most Java-based platforms will require you to adapt code to connect .NET apps

The only integration platform built for and by .NET developers, with the citizen integrator in mind


Easy to Install

It takes about 60 seconds for .NET developers to install and start using Peregrine's rich .NET-based integration features and capabilities.


Easy to connect

Integrating all your common systems, applications, databases and protocols is a breeze with Peregrine's huge selection of built-in connectors.


Easy to adapt

Using Peregrine’s .NET framework and connector samples, easily build custom connectors to connect all your home-grown systems and applications.

You get an extensive library of high quality, reliable connectors

Reduce cost and Time to market on your next integration project

Use an extensive library of high quality, reliable connectors that enable you to work faster and more autonomously.

Examples of a Few Application, Protocol, and Storage Connectors:


Hybrid Cloud Integration

Develop and deploy distributed applications that connect seamlessly to your on-premise legacy systems


Hosted Cloud

Neuron ESB runtime is perfectly suited for a virtual machine environment.


Hybrid Cloud

Easily connect your on-premise .NET solutions and apps to the cloud.


Azure and AWS

Speed cloud development with seamless connection to leading cloud technologies.

B2B File Management

Manage all B2B transactions from end-to-end with automation


Existing protocol support

Publish and subscribe through all major file transfer protocols out of the box.


Prebuilt MFT features

Encrypt, authenticate, audit and track all files, processes, and activities.


Automated file processing

Automatically convert Excel files to XML for simple back-end integration

Business Process Management

Boost your BPM solution with high-performing flexibility


Speed development

Peregrine’s built-in application infrastructure and connectors help you streamline development


Digitalize processes

Design, test, debug, and execute real-time processes and workflows with Peregrine’s drag-and-drop design tools


Surface New Insights

Store, group and analyze similar process events to add contextual insights that drive intelligent actions

Service Gateway

Discover, manage, and report on all metadata from internal and external services


Native services hosting

Peregrine extends Microsoft WCF by hosting services natively in its own .NET runtime environment.


Dynamic content routing

Route content dynamically through stateful inspection of any combination of message properties.


Direct protocol mediation

Ensure seamless connection of services to any existing application or system over any protocol

Biztalk Migration

Designed by .NET developers to do what BizTalk Server never could


Made to grow

More effective request-response, low latency and high throughput integration scenarios


Built for speed

Neuron ESB compiles business processes and workflows at the time of execution to save you considerable development time


Designed to save

A recent comparison revealed that Peregrine required 30 fewer CPUs and 7 fewer servers than BizTalk

less expensive

Take advantage of time-saving business flow templates, security setup wizards,
remote patching and diagnostic data that gets to the root cause faster. A true
citizen integrator tool, the Peregrine Platform lets you use your own in-house
Microsoft .Net skills in place of expensive consulting engagements.

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