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Companies that want a simple, agile and cost effective
integration solution choose Peregrine Connect


Reduce risk

Out-of-the-box platform reliability, security controls, and regulatory compliance insights through historical reporting and custom alert management.


Enhance Business Connectivity

Quickly design integrations that connect anywhere — on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments with Peregrine's drag & drop functionality


Grow revenue

Connect siloed systems to create a 360° view of customer data and identify new revenue opportunities.

Industries We Serve

Financial Services

Connect applications, data and devices to
create customer experiences that
drive revenue.


Connect disparate agencies, departments and
providers to improve operational efficiencies
and give citizens easier access to services.


Surface contextual insights from a single source
of guest information to deliver memorable
experiences that set your business apart.


Deliver new products faster, engage
customers more effectively and adapt to
regulatory changes with ease.


Deliver more content with increased speed
and reliability to meet the growing demands
of a digital world.


Integrate all data sources in real time to
improve partner, vendor and customer


"Peregrine provides the messaging backbone for one of our critical lending
services applications. We are currently using Peregrine to distribute up
to 28 million messages to 1,500 desktops every hour."

— Ron Hodgson, Vice President, Fidelity National

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