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Adapt Quickly

Self-aware runtime, and auto-detect, auto-correct intelligence enables you to create and modify applications quickly and easily.


Connect With Ease

Drag-and-drop graphical designer enables you to quickly orchestrate and connect external systems


Save time and Money

Leverage your .NET resources to build custom connectors in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost


Scale for the Future

Quickly scale on premises or in the cloud with real-time messaging, web-services and integration capabilities.


The only application integration product built on Microsoft .NET

Neuron ESB enables you to leverage your existing .NET resources to quickly and easily connect your line-of-business systems and applications in the cloud or on premises in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of other more complex integration products.



Build and deploy business processes and workflows quicker and easier

Get access to the entire .NET Framework through service orchestration, long-running, fault-tolerant workflows, and highly extensive Business Process and Workflow Designers.

Expose all the power of Microsoft Visual Studio without the associated complexity, and compose sets of activities into innovative business capabilities. Both designers are hosted in the Neuron ESB Explorer, so anyone can build, test, debug and deploy business processes and workflows faster.

Easily create agile, high-performing real-time business processes

  • More than 40 different business activities
  • Accelerated development and deployment of low latency solutions

Long-running, fault-tolerant workflows

  • Build enterprise compliant workflows
  • Automate critical processes 
  • More than 80 different workflow activities 
  • Enterprise-level performance and scalability

Easily create agile, high-performing real-time business processes

  • Run test messages through processes and workflows 
  • Set breakpoints and enable easy step-by-step debugging
  • Save development time


Gain full control and visibility of your integration projects

Managing your integration projects from end to end is easy with Neuron ESB. That’s because Neuron ESB leverages Microsoft’s server infrastructure by exposing the same features and capabilities you already use to manage your existing IT environment.

Flexible solution deployment

  • Deploy your integration solutions directly from the command-line
  • Deploy from source control systems 
  • Cleanly separate development, testing, and production systems

Real-time activity tracking

  • Real-time tracking of counts, size, and rates of messages 
  • Gain full control of individual endpoints
  • Monitor and report remote client active sessions, complete message history, and all failed messages.

Comprehensive health monitoring

  • Use organization's existing operations tools
  • Detect failed messages and control endpoint state changes 
  • Track statistics and state 
  • Embed, track and monitor in any portal
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.NET Runtime

Simplified integration with limitless scalability

Built entirely on .NET, Neuron ESB leverages the same features you already rely on to develop and manage your organization’s .NET infrastructure. You’ll be able to use your existing skills, .NET libraries, WCF services and WF workflows natively in Neuron ESB, helping you speed development and reduce costly services and operational overhead.

High Availability

  • Quickly deliver scalable services to meet changing customer needs.
  • Durable and reliable messaging
  • Dedicated runtime hosts and .NET application domains for process isolation and management.

Operations friendly

  • Report run-time statistics through WMI performance counters and events
  • Control access security through Active Directory integration.
  • Configure Kerberos for Neuron ESB’s service endpoints.

Unmatched extensibility

  • Simplify integration by enabling your .NET developers
  • Use Microsoft Visual Studio, familiar .NET languages to build application and technology connectors, process steps and workflow activities
  • Faster and easier than any other integration product.


Powerful workflow capabilities and reporting

Build a long-running, fault-tolerant workflow to execute resilient business processes. Neuron ESB Workflow extends Microsoft’s .NET 4.5 Workflow Foundation API by adding tools, infrastructure, activities, a hosting environment and services necessary to deliver enterprise-level features, performance and scalability on the Microsoft .NET platform.

Increased scalability and performance

  • High availability and failover support that enables workflows

  • Pending workflows will allocate automatically

  • Scale when and where you need it most.

Advanced monitoring and tracking

  • See in real time exactly what workflow activities have executed
  • Determine the state of each workflow at the time of execution.
  • Unload, abort, cancel or restart workflows individually or in groups

Powerful workflow design capabilities

  • Build enterprise grade solutions across processes
  • Import existing workflows
  • Automatically correlate received messages

Service Broker

Complete visibility into your services

With support for SOAP and REST APIs, you’ll be able to build and manage your integration and mobile platforms with ease. Service Broker is designed to expose your existing services to mobile devices, giving you complete visibility while shielding consumers from changes to your internal business processes.

Native hosting and extensibility

  • Host services natively in its own runtime.
  • Service Broker’s SOAP and REST-based API service support includes metadata exposure (WSDL and Swagger), XML and JSON support, discoverability (WS-Discovery), protocol mediation and monitoring, and tracking functions.
  • WCF custom bindings, behaviors and configuration files.
  • Full service orchestration features are provided by Neuron ESB’s Business Process Designer.

Dynamic service routing

  • Enable dynamic routing through the stateful inspection of any combination of message, context or ambient properties.
  • Build either simple or complex routing scenarios.
  • Service versioning can be controlled by dynamically routing incoming requests based on rules

Direct protocol mediation

  • Build enterprise grade solutions across processes, machines and organizations
  • Import existing workflows directly into Neuron ESB’s Workflow Designer
  • Quickly build simple or complex workflows
  • Automatically correlate received messages to running or persisted workflows


Highly configurable network transports and message auditing

Hierarchical topic-based messaging enables you to more closely mirror your organizational hierarchy or even business semantics. Configurable network transports, queueing support and event-based client API that can be hosted inside your .NET applications, making it easy to configure applications with low latency, in-memory routing characteristics, or guaranteed, once-only message delivery that can’t tolerate loss.

Rich message routing options

  • Rich variety of routing options, including topic, content, dynamic, rules and itinerary.

  • Connect and abstract any service API, connector endpoint and applications (on premises or in the cloud) 

  • Dynamically change and configure your environment

Flexible topic-level configuration

  • Centrally customize the underlying messaging transport
  • Both guaranteed and low latency, in-memory message delivery.
  • Configure message auditing, compression, encryption and throttling at the topic level.

Comprehensive message mediation

  • Apply any necessary business and translation requirements
  • Publish and subscribe events of endpoints to control message processing 
  • Implement custom dynamic routing scenarios.


Easily enhance or replace your existing connectors

Neuron ESB includes a library of high quality, reliable connectors to help you reduce cost and time to market of your next integration project. Each connector is based on real-world requirements and makes quick work of integrating common on-premise and cloud applications, as well as most protocol, database and queueing technologies.

Low cost connection

  • Enhance or replace an existing connector without writing additional code
  • No more wasting time and money on specialized training and services
  • Simple .NET components that your .NET developers already know how to create.

Automated metadata generation

  • Quickly ascertain system messages in standardized formats like XML or JSON
  • Generates metadata that can be used by business processes or workflows to validate, transform and even enrich the messages.
  • Avoid complex deployment scenarios or recompiling assemblies.

Simplified process integration

  • Built to easily handle other common integration tasks, like applying business domain-specific rules
  • Separate process design from connectivity design
  • Integrate directly with Neuron ESB business processes and workflow.


Comprehensive real-time activity reporting and monitoring

Neuron ESB’s reporting features allow you to track and monitor audited messages, executed workflow activity and workflow state. You can also monitor message, health and traffic statistics in real time, as well as view, save, edit or resubmit any message or group of messages.

Message reporting

  • Filter by date range to get historical reports on all processed or failed messages

  • Save messages to the file system for further processing or analysis

  • Track related messages, as well as bulk edit and resubmit messages back to any endpoint or party.

Real-time activity monitoring

  • See current workflow execution activity, as well as message count, size and rate of your running environment.
  • Monitor activity tracking and message statistics for all remotely connected clients
  • Gain a complete, real-time view into Neuron ESB’s executing environment.

Comprehensive workflow tracking

  • Group, sort, filter, search and analyze all information related to workflow execution
  • Explore conditions and view exception messages for workflow errors
  • Collect and report execution history, observe current executing status, or play back executed workflows

The Neuron ESB Integration .NET platform Advantage

  • Cut integration costs by up to 80%
  • Speed delivery of your solutions
  • Leverage your existing .NET skills
  • Reduce custom development
  • Make developers more productive
  • Architectural review and training included
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Integration for the Microsoft .NET Platform

Neuron ESB is an easy-to-use yet powerful enterprise service bus that simplifies messaging and web service enablement to accelerate the adoption of service-oriented architecture. Discover the advantages of Neuron ESB.


Microsoft .NET

Connect your business the simple .NET way


Mobile and IoT

Surface actionable insights from a sea of IoT data



Extend your existing .NET capabilities to the Cloud


B2B File Management

Manage all transactions from end to end with automated ease


Business Process Management

Boost your BPM solution with high-performance and flexibility


Service Gateway

Expose your existing service APIs to maximize revenue



Bridge the gap between your IT infrastructure SAP



Connect NetSuite easily to Cloud, on-premise and 3rd-party apps



Surface insights faster by eliminating Salesforce data silos


Microsoft Dynamics

Eliminate barriers to enterprise-wide Dynamics integration


Microsoft Sharepoint

Extend Sharepoint functionality
across your enterprise


Biztalk Migration

Faster, easier and more cost effective than BizTalk

Our Customers

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“Peregrine Connect developed an enhanced integration linking Microsoft Project and NetSuite SRP for our project managers. Project management and planning is now seamless with time and billing, allowing us to work more intelligently and productively than ever before.”

Scott Quin - Senior Director


“Neuron ESB enables sophisticated performance, features and function, along with personal communication and support. It’s a very worthwhile relationship, improving current systems and poising us for future performance.”

Kim Frederiksen - Enterprise Solutions Architect


“Peregrine's Neuron ESB enables a really smart architecture, uniquely handling messages so there is never any data loss. That’s a tremendous advantage for all our customers, and supports our philosophy that data-driven decisions can transform most important places in our lives.”

TJ Bingham - Engineering Manager

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