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The Challenge

  • Embrace new technologies to enable cloud application integration
  • Accelerate data communications beyond the scheduling capabilities inherent to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Prepare systems for a smooth transition to NetSuite ERP without disrupting performance
  • Capitalize on existing expertise with Microsoft-based .NET development activities

The Solution

  • Peregrine Connect’s Neuron ESB, an intuitive robust enterprise service bus optimized for the .NET environment
  • Parallel operation with existing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Connect a range of cloud-based applications and data types using Neuron ESB’s extensive connector library

The Benefits

  • Tightly integrated communications that move in real-time
  • Fast, reactive data transactions that complement established SSIS capabilities
  • Poised for growth and flexibility in accessing web services and applications
  • Transforms data without the need for add-ons, third-party connectors or outside consultant
  • Maximum value from existing .NET capabilities and resources
  • Communications hub created that is ready to enable NetSuite deployment
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Company Profile

Based In: Littleton, CO
Industry: Manufacturing & Logistics
Type: Public
Employees: 501 - 1000
Founded: 1978

“As a global company with a diverse customer base, we recognize the need to embrace new and more productive technologies to keep our competitive edge. Neuron ESB positions us to meet this challenge – modernizing existing systems with real-time processing capabilities and extending services with greater access to cloud applications.”

— Bryan Meier, Development Manager, Oldcastle Precast


Oldcastle Precast
Complementing existing systems with faster processing that improves cloud application performance and enables transition to NetSuite ERP

Oldcastle Precast is the U.S.’s leading manufacturer of precast concrete, polymer concrete, and plastic products, providing reliable and innovative building products to North American infrastructure projects. A division of global building products leader CRH, Oldcastle Precast employs nearly 3,000 people in 80 locations nationally, creating products designed for strength and durability, such as utility vaults, reinforced concrete pipe, catch basins, drainage and septic tanks, retaining walls, storm shelters, wall panels, concrete barriers and more. The firm is always looking for new ways to minimize waste, increase recycling, improve energy management and use eco-friendly materials – an innovative and agile approach that is also reflected in its use of technology for operations and management.

Oldcastle Precast wanted to incorporate more real-time transactions in its data communications. Its existing deployment of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) was built to handle large segments of data from either files or databases – sufficient in terms of general processing, but unable to handle live messaging. Transactions ran on a scheduled basis by design, and certain data moved only a few times daily. “SSIS is suited for messages that are routinely scheduled but isn’t particularly interactive. We wanted to increase our use of cloud applications, and recognized that moving data faster was necessary to really capitalize on cloud-based services and transactions,” said Bryan Meier, Development Manager, Oldcastle Precast.

The data moving through its systems is diverse, ranging from vendor and finance records to Active Directory employee documents and payroll. Because of this broad scope, the company also wanted to remain on the Microsoft .NET platform, a familiar and productive environment for its IT team.

Oldcastle Precast determined a more reactive system enabled by an enterprise service bus would add value to its technology profile. After considering several cloud-based options, Oldcastle Precast opted for the .NET-based Neuron ESB integration platform. “Neuron ESB first fit our needs by giving us the enterprise service bus system we envisioned, even while we could remain in Microsoft territory,” said Meier. “It also provided the live transaction type of platform we were seeking. As soon as messages are received, the system is moving data in a highly flexible manner.”

Most of the applications Oldcastle Precast plans to integrate through Neuron ESB are cloud-based, whether they are part of the company’s ticketing system, ERP application, or REST- or SOAP-based web services. Peregrine Neuron ESB’s connector strategy simplifies data transactions with most major enterprise applications, either through pre-integrated connectors or others that are easy to build based on .NET technology. Options include generic REST or SOAP connectors, as well as others that are specifically designed and validated for applications such as Active Directory or NetSuite. “We plan to move to NetSuite ERP, and recognize that the Neuron ESB Connector for NetSuite will help us easily connect to third-party applications that don’t offer integrated NetSuite connectivity.”

Oldcastle Precast and Peregrine Connect (formerly Neuron ESB) worked together to further refine connectors for their specific needs. “The Neuron ESB team embraced real-world feedback to ensure key connectors performed in an ideal way. We had an interactive and in-depth dialog about how we planned to use the platform, and saw them respond by applying those parameters to optimize connector performance for NetSuite and Active Directory.”

Peregrine Connect’s Neuron ESB complements Oldcastle Precast’s current operations by enabling real-time access to a greater number of cloud-based applications and services, moving data as it is received. Oldcastle Precast expects that selected communications will continue to be routed through its SSIS system; however, the firm now has an ideal option for real-time data transactions through Neuron ESB. “SSIS will likely continue to play a role in our systems. But by using Neuron ESB as a hub for communications, we’ve gained the flexibility to move data on a constant basis and we can also make calls to SSIS when real-time access to its system data is required.”

For example, connecting to Freshservice, a help desk automation tool, through a job ticketing system is now faster and more reactive via the immediacy of the Peregrine Connect Neuron ESB integration platform. “In the past we’ve had to purchase third party controls, or add-ons to SSIS, in order to connect to various web services. In contrast, Neuron ESB is much more seamless, enabling a live connection that moves data as it happens.” When an employee’s record is added or updated, Oldcastle Precast can now connect its Active Directory with Freshservice immediately, rather than waiting for a scheduled data connection. In another example, warranty information that is pulled from the company’s purchasing contracts can now be matched on a live basis with internal data, rather than being stored for later processing.